WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Care Plans on Annual Retainer

  • Hands-on, Personalized Services
  • We don’t use automated central updating
  • Pricing Models Based on Site Size & Complexity
  • Initial Corrective Audit
  • Payment Options with Bonus Opportunities

WordPress Maintenance is far more than just clicking the “Update” button.  Creative by Clark Maintenance Care Plans protect the website investment and brand assets including the security and integrity of the domain. Additionally, ongoing maintenance with sensitivity to server activity also ensures compliance with Hosting Terms of Service and other policies.

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance

  • WordPress Maintenance Care Plans are customized according to the size and complexity of the website.
  • All Plans are based on an annual Retainer Agreement with payment options and, as available, tiered incentives.
  • Websites not built by Creative by Clark or for our projects where the maintenance plan has lapsed for six months, or longer require the Initial Corrective Audit to assess the overall status and enable remediation.
  • Initial Corrective Audit pricing is tiered by Care Plan and is the first-month cost with a regular fee for the remaining 11 months.
  • The Initial Corrective Audit is also available as a standalone service for a slightly higher fee when there is no interest in purchasing a Care Plan (helpful for organizations that perform maintenance internally but want their website critically assessed and optimized).