Training & Support

  • Online Dashboard Documentation (How-To Instructructions)
  • Customized WordPress Admin
  • Front-end Custom Help Pages
  • Responsive Support Requests
  • In-Person Training (local only)
  • Virtual Training
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Training & Support
WordPress Website Services - Creative by Clark

Training & Support

WordPress is complex, but it is easy to find information online about using this powerful platform.  But when there is so much information, what is the best?  What can be trusted?  

When Creative by Clark builds a website, I get to know you, the client and assess comfort with technology. If there is an earnest intent to manage their content, I make a special effort to include more exhaustive “How To” instructions online in the dashboard.  There’s a lot I can do to instill more confidence and very tailored instructions specific to the website.  It is possible to streamline the oft intimidating WordPress administrative dashboard and tailor what is visible to the user based on their editorial role and capabilities.

I can create systems that utilize the website’s front-end —shielding users from the back-end (assuming I provide ongoing maintenance).

WordPress Training & Support

Training & Support Options:

Online Publishing Help

Online Dashboard Help

Creative by Clark websites include minimal How To instructions accessible from a WordPress Admin Dashboard panel.  I can provide more exhaustive documentation as a paid deliverable.


Customized WordPress Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

I can customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard by individual or role to streamline what is displayed.  Even some individuals who want to have an “administrator” level role in the backend of the WordPress site find the amount of information overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way! Not only can I design the backend of the dashboard with customized colors to match the brand, but also I can rearrange and control the visibility of all the menu items present.  While this is usually done when the site is built, I can retrofit a site at any time.

Frontend documentation and support

Front-End Help & Support

Custom front-end help pages and support options are available. Usually, these pages are not for the public but are created using a membership system.  This effectively shields users from the WordPress back-end requiring a login but to a friendlier page rather than a dashboard. While an added cost, the investment provides incredible content management freedom to the company.

Responsive Support

Responsive Support

Creative by Clark prioritizes support assistance for its clients.  During the 30 days following a website launch, I closely monitor the site and provide maintenance on a complimentary basis.  A maintenance plan normally starts afterward.  With maintenance care in place, I monitor uptime and security notices for rapid notification of any serious problem. But if I receive a text message, email, or phone call, I generally drop everything and take action as soon as possible so long as it’s not abused for minor issues.  Naturally, I have to be reasonable.  It is not feasible for me to offer 24/7 support due to the nature of my business model. But I take very personal care of websites and clients.


In Person Local Training

In-Person Training

In-person training is limited to an 80-mile+/- radius of Columbus, Ohio. I would entertain further distances but would require paid travel potentially with full-day rates and expenses accordingly.

With the advent of so many online tools, it is unusual to have an in-person request, but it’s possible.  We have found that those who benefit from this style of training are individuals who are more fearful or uncomfortable with technology.

Online Virtual Training

Virtual Training

I can customize the training with online sessions using tools such as Zoom that enable screen-share.

Custom materials can be created and archived in Sensei LMS or other structured options for businesses that want a more robust system to teach employees how to manage the website.



Training Costs?

A Creative by Clark Maintenance Care Plan or at minimum the Maintenance Initial Audit is first required to secure our Training Service.

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