Content Management

  • WordPress Content Management
  • Content Management Block Purchases are Add-ons to the existing Maintenance Care Plan (required)
  • Client-supplied content. We integrate.
  • Content Plans
  • Copywriting is not included
  • Courtesy minor edits (spelling, grammar)
Creative by Clark comes to the rescue to help with content management services
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Content Management

Content refresh is critical to keep search engines happy and prove that you value your visitor (aka user) experience. While I can provide training, support, and options for easy front-end content management, many clients simply do not have the time or patience to incorporate new content regularly.  Think of Content Management services in the same light as sending out the laundry or enlisting someone to tidy the abode—you might have the skills, but is your time more profitably used with your business services or business development?

Creative by Clark can alleviate stress and chaos with some tools and organized processes to make this as painless as possible.  Typically content management does not include copywriting services.  Our integrated Grammarly Pro tool can accommodate minor tweaks with spelling or grammatical issues; however, full editorial services might be better fulfilled by a focused copywriter aligned with your business goals and brand voice.  Referral assistance available — they would provide Creative by Clark with Word documents for implementation on the website as many copywriters do not provide the actual WordPress integration.

WordPress Content Management

Content Management Options:

Content Plan for Content Management Services

Content Plan

Would it help to have a content plan to map out new content, such as blog posts?

Search engines reward sites that provide “content churn.” The premise is that the website owner demonstrates how much they value their site visitor experience by regularly providing meaningful, fresh, and relevant content.  Increased frequency of new publications of quality content certainly can boost ranking.

When clients have many blog posts (even ready to publish), I recommend staggering publications rather than adding them all at once to demonstrate this practice. With WordPress, it’s possible to schedule publication into the future, making publication an automated process once editorially ready.  On request, I can provide clients a terrific spreadsheet tool as a website content plan that can easily align with a marketing plan.


Content Check

Content Check

While I do not generally provide copywriting services, as discussed above, but I am happy to offer content screening for minor editorial issues with our Grammarly Premium subscription.  Our Grammarly tool integrates directly into the WordPress Visual Editor to catch spelling and grammar errors during my administrator sessions, and I provide the output on a courtesy basis.  Advanced editorial rewrites are considered billable, even those using the Grammarly tool, e.g., changing the voice or massively re-arranging/rewriting content.

Content Management with purchased blocks

Content Management Blocks

Content Management services are best when provided like our maintenance plans with the pre-purchase of hourly “Blocks” to streamline billing for all concerned. I can use the pre-paid time to manage content on existing pages, add new posts, manage events, add new images, add new PDF files for Calls to Action, or even create a marketing landing page.  I can provide more details about general guidelines on the time required for each element and coordinate in a Content Plan.


Content Block Costs?

Our Content Management Service requires a Creative by Clark Maintenance Care Plan. This ensures that content updates are provided on a site that is already well-known, and there is confidence that the WordPress environment is optimized and secure.

  • Time is logged separately from maintenance.
  • Lower courtesy hourly rate basis.
  • Blocks are paid in advance as a lump sum.
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Basic Content Block Add-on

$250 for 5 Hours

Advanced Content Block Add-on

$450 for 10 Hours

Premium Content Block Add-on

$698 for 15 Hours

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