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Penguin Brand Identity
Brand Identity service

Brand Identity

When I started Created by Clark in 2007, I did everything.  Truthfully, when I started up, I considered growing my business into an agency model.  Circumstances with a family illness made that impractical, but the independent freelance consultancy provided me a creative outlet and tremendous flexibility with my schedule.   

Over the years, I have transitioned most of my focus to building WordPress websites. From time to time, I do provide Brand Identity and other services for existing clients or new business start-ups.  I am not particularly interested in expanding this portion of our design business, but I use my graphic design skills with nearly every project in some way.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

New Business or Brand Startup

New Business Startup

New businesses require a brand identity, which is much more than just a logo.  The example above displays a sample of the extensive brand identity assets created, including the logo and a comprehensive Brand Standard to define the entire verbal and visual brand.  Logo standards, official colors, and fonts are a few documented components.  The website design, brochures, sales sheets, stationery sets, etc. form a comprehensive Brand Identity Portfolio.


Landscape Design First logo


As one of the major components of Brand Identity, the logo or logotype is what most people associate with the word “brand.” When I create a logo or logotype, I initially create the artwork in Adobe Illustrator in black & white and then apply color.  Usually, I present several versions – such as a horizontal and vertical stack with the placement of the icon with the text.  A complete logo set might include multiple versions: black & white or grayscale, a color for display on white or light backgrounds, and a negative version for display on black or dark backgrounds.  Output is presented in both CMYK and RGB file formats in high and low resolution for digital use.

Brand Standard - sample pages

The Brand Standard

The Brand Standard is incredibly important, but small businesses infrequently use it.  Treating small businesses with the same brand discipline as the big guys is important. In the Brand Standards or Guidelines (aka Manual) created, I include the following (and sometimes a lot more):

Verbal Brand:
Positioning Statement

Visual Brand:
Logo/Logo Usage
Unacceptable Use of Logo
Color Palette (PMS, CMYK, RGB, Hex)
Typography with specific applications



Lisa Imondi Logotype rebrand


Brand experts recommend an audit every three years to assess how the brand identity has built equity or might need some tweaking to meet a more contemporary market segment. In the example above, our long-time client Lisa Imondi underwent a re-brand to include repositioning her business goals.  The before and after are her logo, but we share more of the story in her Case.


Richens/Timm Graphic Design - Program with Dress Components

Other Graphic Design

Whether for print, display, packaging, or digital use, Creative by Clark has extensive experience with all types of graphic design.

  • Print and Digital Advertising
  • Exhibit Design and Display
  • Package Design and Display
  • Apparel (screened or embroidered)
  • Sales Materials

In the example above, a Program was created for Richens/Timm Academy of Irish Dance, taking the panel of their school dress and creating a Celtic Kaleidoscope.

Other Brand Services - Strategy

Other Brand Services

While I no longer do much of this work, I have experience and a track record of success and understand the vital concepts. Usually, I refer clients or prospective clients requiring these services to my partner Sullivan Solutions, LLC.

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy/Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plans



Some Creative by Clark Logo/Logotype Designs

Not all the businesses are still open, unfortunately, and in some cases, logos were ultimately replaced after a few years.

Bigham Family Farm
Landscape Design First
Ruhl Brick Pavers
New Lisa Imondi
Old Lisa Imondi
Candela Management Group
HomePro Handyman on white
HomePro Handyman on burgundy
Stasis Services v1
Stasis Services v2
Delice Enterprises


Creative by Clark Brand Identity Service is priced on demand. Brand audits, research, strategic plans, and services are time-intensive.  Assistance for New Business Startups follows pricing guidelines the Graphic Artists Guild sets and scales a bit according to the business or proposed business size and budget.  I believe in fair pricing and competitive packages to materially assist businesses in quickly ramping up while utilizing best practices and disciplined business processes.

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