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My services are primarily WordPress-oriented, but other skillsets are available directly or via strategic partnership.

WordPress Website Services Creative by Clark design and develop responsively

I build WordPress websites of varying sizes and types addressing the business needs of any company or organization. Any design can be implemented effectively in the platform. I approach site construction utilizing the mandate for Google Mobile First to ensure usability in all mobile devices, but I also address desktop versioning for large displays, too.

WordPress may have started as a blogging platform, but no longer! WordPress enables everything from simple brochure sites to those with complex forms or very sophisticated eCommerce, Membership, or Booking systems. There are many avenues to integrate third-party applications, too. I see the WordPress platform as having incredible longitudinal promise for continued growth and robust improvements.  My process includes examining future growth and planning for website expansion.

Creatively Strategic.
Strategically Creative.

Mixing the creative experience and tactics with disciplined business processes and a strategic approach.

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*   Creative by Clark Client Projects

** Projects completed for Sullivan Solutions as their partner

The Nitty-Gritty of
What We Do…

WordPress Design, Development, Maintenance, Content Management & More

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

Creative by Clark specializes in new WordPress websites and redesigns.  I am skilled in converting websites from other platforms to WordPress.  In such instances, I can closely replicate the visual design a client might like to retain on a different platform or generate a fresh look and feel.  Adhering to brand identity standards is a top design priority to enhance equity and consistency.

WordPress Website Development

Need something unique? I’m imaginative and resourceful in designing solutions to complex business needs. I collaborate with my partner Sullivan Solutions LLC for all their WordPress development projects; they provide design layouts and assets often using tools such as Adobe XD.  I implement the design to spec and often need to devise creative solutions to integrate complex applications —whether a WooCommerce store with unique shipping or reporting requirements, filters, or sites that require proprietary member-only access.

WordPress Development - Customization
WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance

Maintenance Plans are customized according to the size and complexity of the website. All are based on an annual Retainer Agreement with different payment options and incentives that are tiered.  With sites that we have not built, there is an initial fee that includes a set of specialized audits and services to not only just get a site updated, but ensure it is optimized for best performance and standards.  Now, it is entirely possible that our initial audit might return an assessment necessitating further effort.  

Learn more about how our Maintenance Care Plans work and what is included.

Content Management

We do not provide Copywriting Services per se, but with client-supplied content (or that from an external copywriter), we can update website content on an ad hoc or contractual basis.  The Grammarly Pro app is utilized to evaluate all written content for spelling and grammatical errors. Blatant spelling errors are provided on a courtesy basis.  

WordPress Content Management
WordPress website training & support

WordPress Training & Support

Want to learn how to manage your own website editorial content? We can provide training and support. With many website projects, we build “How To Documentation” for specific processes directly on the dashboard for rapid reference. And if something goes awry, we can provide support to get you out of a jam.

In a few recent projects, we have provided mechanisms for content management on the front end of the website.  For example, using secure pages, a client can log in but be shielded from the complex WordPress admin to add posts, members, and more.  This type of application is very custom and an additional charge for project scope, but can be incredibly helpful for those who prefer a simpler interface.

Brand Identity

While our business is 95% WordPress, our considerable brand identity and graphic design experience come in handy. Most often we develop a “package” approach for new organizations without existing branding to create their visual brand identity (logo, colors, fonts) and in the past, we included the entire brand strategy. Not only do we have graphic design skills, but also the ability to conduct brand audits, create brand standards/guidelines (visual and verbal), create collateral (digital & print), set up complete brand management systems, and more. 

Brand Identity Design

How much does a website cost?

Included on all sites that we design:

  • Complimentary Premium Divi Theme (and Child Theme)
  • Gravity Forms Elite Edition
  • Max Mega Menu Pro
  • Additional Premium Plugins, as appropriate and available, from our license library
  • $50 Allowance to Purchase Royalty-Free Stock Images*
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and HTML Site Map pages are complementary and not included in the total paid page count

*Limited to a one-time allowance on new builds or site redesigns.

  1. Only images from existing Creative by Clark royalty-free stock image accounts are allowed, and the client must preview our suggestions and approve all final selections that might exceed the allowance and be subject to additional expenses.
  2. Under no circumstances will Creative by Clark purchase Rights-Managed Images on a website; if a client requires such images, they must be purchased directly with their own accounts, and Creative by Clark must be permanently exempted from any responsibility for copyright violations should the client not extend licensing correctly.  A signed legal document is required and must be submitted to the copyright owner.


Excluded from standard scope:

  • Brand Identity Design (ie, logo design) – available for extra project costs
  • *Royalty-Free Images in excess of the allowance are expensed
  • Photography Services
  • Additional Graphic Design


Adept with Design Collaborations

With a first-hand understanding of the design process, Creative by Clark works efficiently with partner agencies when they need to augment their in-house skills seamlessly with an independent contractor.

Creative by Clark works with Design & Marketing Agencies
Sullivan Solutions logo - partner with Creative by Clark

Partnership with Sullivan Solutions

Debbie Clark has been working with Sullivan Solutions — on their paper — for well over 6 years as their exclusive WordPress Developer.  Sullivan Solutions designs are transformed into working WordPress prototypes with additional functionalities governed by their Scope of Work and client needs.  The relationship has been positive and an asset for both parties and their clients.  In addition to WordPress implementation and development services, Maintenance services are performed for those Sullivan Solutions who have an agreement for those service deliverables in place.

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