WordPress 6.0 – The Block Focus Continues

WordPress is more popular than ever! As of Jan 2022, WordPress powers nearly 40% of all websites on the internet — more than a 5% increase over a year ago.  WordPress 5.0 released in December 2018 and included the new and controversial Gutenberg Block Editor.  The editor has improved over time and many themes and builders have shifted to maximize its use.

While I’ve used Gutenberg on several websites, I did not enjoy the experience and found it less intuitive than the original Classic Editor that I continue to use on most projects.  At some point, I’m sure support for Classic Editor will phase out.  We’ve seen it in place longer than originally announced as so many developers are as resistant as me to the change.

With WordPress 6.0 in early 2022, we experienced the continuation of what is called Full Site Editing as launched with WordPress 5.9.0.  Again, the major focus is still the Block Editor aka Gutenberg.  The article below by Leonardus N at Hostinger presents a terrific detail of what is included.

WordPress 6.0: The New Major Release Is Here