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Debbie Clark, CDMP, PCM

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Dates Where Title Duties
2007 - Present Creative by Clark Principal/Owner View Creative by Clark Services
2013 - Present Sullivan Solutions WordPress Developer Exclusive WordPress Developer for this Strategic Marketing Agency.
2005 - 2007 BizCarta, Inc. CMO Chief Marketing Officer for global IT Services organization
1993 - 2005 Freelance Web Designer/Developer Dreamweaver XHTML & CSS-positioned websites; Cold Fusion Database integration; Graphic Design.
1995 - 2005 Web Options, Inc. Freelance Web Designer Provided all web design for this small agency using Macromedia Studio MX and later Adobe Creative Suite (after Macromedia purchase).
1986 - 1990 The Computer Virtuoso Owner Freelance Biomedical & Engineering Computing Consulting
1980 - 1986 The Ohio State University College of Medicine Program Associate/Consultant Division of Computing Services training, consulting, database design & integration, software conversion mainframe to PC - mostly all biomedical



Creative by Clark

Creative by Clark is a boutique consulting firm founded by Principal/Owner Debbie Clark in 2007, specializing in strategic marketing and creative design services — combining over forty years of corporate marketing, design, writing, technical programming, web design & development, and communications experience.  Creative by Clark focuses on SMBs throughout Central Ohio but has had many remote clients, including those internationally based in India, Australia, Dominican Republic, the UK, and Italy.

Over the years, our focus on traditional graphic design and marketing projects diminished to focus on WordPress as our exclusive website platform.  Only recently have we dusted off our design skills at the request of older clients.  Debbie has also expanded her skills to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) through the Digital Marketing Institute and Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) through the American Marketing Association.  Previously Debbie felt that she lacked the bona fides to offer digital marketing services in a newer field in conjunction with her WordPress design and development. She felt comfortable with a focus on site performance optimization and organic search. Subsequently, clients were referred to third-party agencies, often resulting in sticker shock as their costs usually exceeded our client’s budget. We can now provide competitive pricing since our overhead costs are lower.  See New Credentials.

Sullivan Solutions, LLC

Debbie Clark has worked as their exclusive WordPress developer for Sullivan Solutions, LLC — a Dublin-based (Ohio) strategic marketing agency since 2013.  Our role is that of a partner, and we are authorized to share WordPress development projects completed in our portfolio with provisions that we observe any confidentiality required.  We do not claim these projects as “ours” except for the work completed by our technical abilities.  Further, sometimes we are swamped completing projects for Sullivan Solutions — explain a void in Creative by Clark client projects.  See Partnership.

BizCarta, Inc.

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for BizCarta, Inc. – a global professional services organization based corporately in Dublin, OH. Debbie was challenged with a total re-brand project for the company previously named OSSID, Inc. The company changed its name and complete visual look and feel — drastically revising its brand story and positioning — moving from a product-centric vendor to a professional services organization that also supplied software with a “rules by tools” approach.  See BizCarta Case Study.

Although Debbie left BizCarta in early 2007 to start Creative by Clark, it remained her client for several years of strategic and creative marketing needs, including designing and developing at least two new website iterations in WordPress (converting from the original Dreamweaver XHTML). She was frequently called upon for marketing programs that involved their former major channel partners like LANDesk® Software, an Avocent® Company, or previous affiliations with Altiris® (a division of Symantec®) and FrontRange® Solutions. She occasionally handled special projects for BizCarta’s Australian division with Pacific-Rim marketing initiatives and initial efforts for a new office in India.  BizCarta India is now a separate, privately held company specializing in Cybersecurity.

The Freelance Years

With the advent of BBEdit followed by Dreamweaver (early Macromedia version) software, Debbie taught herself HTML and website construction.  Initially, sites built were utterly static.  As Macromedia evolved its software, Debbie was an early adopter of more advanced versions of Dreamweaver and Studio MX taking courses from the actual software developers and being certified by exam in Dreamweaver MX.  She also learned to use additional software tools such as Fireworks, Coldfusion – a local database integration- and Flash, Acrobat, and Photoshop.  Adobe purchased Macromedia and put its own spin on advanced bundling of what they called Creative Suite.  A software tool called Contribute enabled website owners to edit their content with several limitations outside the more technical Dreamweaver environment.  Because of Debbie’s early relationship with Macromedia and certification, she became an official Adobe software tester.

During this period of time, Debbie developed a small client base while also working in partnership with Web Options, Inc.  She became an expert in creating XHTML CSS-positioned websites.  She developed some niche specializations, developing affordable websites for non-profit organizations with no previous Internet presence.  She gained a reputation for developing large, sophisticated websites for Athletic organizations such as Swim Teams and Crew  (high school rowing) in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  It was during these years that Debbie cultivated her multi-year relationship with OSSID, Inc., later rebranded as BizCarta where she led the new brand identity efforts as CMO.

Web Options, Inc.

Web Options, Inc. was a small boutique web design firm started by the late Gerald Robinson in 1995.  Gerry was innovative and fascinated by the early stages of SEO and SEM.  Web Options clients were SMBs with several small businesses with brick-and-mortar presence where the website promoted their business offerings without enabling online shopping per se.

The Ohio State University College of Medicine | Division of Computing Services

Long ago, Debbie trained as a concert pianist at The Ohio State University (tOSU) and planned for a career as a professional piano accompanist. Blessed with exceptional sight reading gifts, it enabled performing previously unseen music a fast ramp-up to accompanying other soloists and ensembles. She was also a music manuscript copyist and painstakingly copied musician parts from scores in the days previous to computer manuscript software. She was always interested in restoring illuminated manuscripts, painting, and calligraphy.  Eventually, those skills transferred to computer-based graphic design.

Sadly, she suffered a neurological disorder in my right hand called focal hand dystonia that permanently altered her career path; she could no longer perform confidently on the concert stage. She eventually found a new life course with computers and technical programming at tOSU College of Medicine, where she worked in the Division of Computing Services to design research databases, perform consulting services for what was then called micro-computers, and manage a computer training laboratory.  Music is, after all, incredibly mathematical and pattern-oriented. Programming languages and working now with computers use the same type of pattern recognition and logic skills.

After several years, Debbie left tOSU to start her first business with a focus on Biomedical Computing Consulting (The Computer Virtuoso).  She worked to design an early organ donor database.  She earned a two-year-long project with a major pharmaceutical company to create an in-house proprietary menu and application system (pre-Windows) for the new IBM PS2s.  She developed written training manuals, traveled to their regional locations to install their new computers, and trained management and staff on usage.  When her contract ended with the pharma company, she expected an overseas position with a family member.   In the interim, she took a short-term project at the tOSU College of Engineering.  The overseas opportunity fell through, but she met her future husband while working at tOSU. They married a year later, and had their daughter the following year. She decided to put work on hiatus for a while to focus on family life.


Certification Credentials

Additional Fearless Leaders

Creative by Clark, aka Debbie Clark, has worked from a home office with many great assistants over the years.

(They genuinely loved their treats, belly, and ear rubs.)



Customer Service

Phoebe is a five-year-old Golden Retriever named fondly after Phoebe Buffay from “Friends.”   Fitting the breed stereotype, she is sweet and extremely friendly — making her ideal for her Customer Service role.  



Cookie Taster

Edmund, aka Eddie, is an eight-year-old rescue (Lab, Beagle, and we think Collie) who is quirky — a bit on the eccentric side.  He is gentle, brilliant (he knows every toy by its name), and highly agile.  Edmund is named after St. Edmund Hall at Oxford University (Debbie’s husband’s alma mater). He hasn’t met a cookie he cannot love.

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