What is the Gutenberg Editor?

With the advent of WordPress 5.0, we see the arrival of a new text editor called Gutenberg.  Rather than reinvent the wheel on what this is, I share the following article below.  Gutenberg is the new default and is what is considered a block editor.  For those who are not yet ready for the change, it is still possible to use the original “Classic Editor,” — which uses Tiny MCE.  To do so, one has to install the Classic Editor plugin.

Gutenberg Editor: A History of Revolution and the Future of Editing in WordPress by Marsel Gray at NJI Media.

Update:  As of July 2022, Creative by Clark continues to use the Classic Editor on websites.  Most of our websites are now built with the Divi theme that includes the option to use the Classic vs. Block Editor.  No plugin is needed to override the main editor, and the Divi Page Builder will not load Gutenberg Blocks.  However, installing a plugin such as Restore Classic Widgets is now necessary to override the Gutenberg editor in Appearance | Widgets.