What is a Chocolate Penguin

Chocolate Penguin Facts

The concept of a Chocolate Penguin is not a total fantasy.  While a bit whimsical and an integral component of  Creative by Clark branding, there is a factual story about chocolate-colored penguins.

King Penguins as adults are black and white, but as chicks, they are brown, fluffy, and known as “woolies.”  Covered in thick blubber, the chicks keep their brown fluff for a year.

“King penguin chicks are cared for by their parents for around 40 days before they join a creche for warmth and protection from predators. Their parents occasionally return during the winter to feed them.

Males incubate the eggs like Emperor penguins, but King penguins do this during the warmer summer. The female goes to the open sea to feed and returns in about 21 days, so the male is going one month without food.”

The source and to learn more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1233101/Colourful-King-Penguin-stands-tall-sea-brown-fluffy-friends.html#ixzz4UNTTkOUP

The Rest of the Story:  Why Creative by Clark imprinted on the Chocolate Penguin

The are several reasons why I chose the Chocolate Penguin as the iconic symbol for Creative by Clark.

  1. I wanted a unique and memorable brand moniker for my logo icon
  2. I support the concept of brand personas and wanted to include one that reflects my sense of humor and whimsy in my overall identity
  3. I adore penguins and support conservation efforts for the species.  I even adopted a penguin in the past from The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium (famous for its Emeritus Director Jack Hanna and all those appearances on the old David Letterman Show).
  4. Amongst my many eclectic interests, I am a fully qualified pastry chef who loves chocolatier projects.