WCAG 2-AA Accessibility Compliance Service Added

Creative by Clark now offers WCAG 2-AA Limited Accessibility Compliance Services for WordPress websites for new and existing clients.

Please refer to our recent blog post on a landmark legal case that will likely trigger a cascade of similar lawsuits against public websites that do not meet compliance by those individuals and organizations who are impacted directly.

The effort required to make an existing website WCAG 2-AA compliant is significant and can involve major decisions about the design change.  Further, as WordPress uses a layered construction of themes and plugins to create the client’s desired visual design and functionality, we have found that some themes are coded poorly and might require replacement.  Until both theme and plugin developers encompass these standards in their coding, it requires quite a lot of custom work and replacing those plugins with others that are more compliant.

Despite the obvious complexity and expense involved in retrofitting an existing WordPress site, the expenditure to make the site compliant could be far less than what might be encountered should the site owner find themselves in litigation.

We are happy to build a WCAG 2-AA compliant site with new site projects.  Additional time and costs might be incurred, but those are far less than a lawsuit.  We predict that as word gets out about the possibility of suing a business or organization website for failure to address accessibility, there will be an upswing not only bona fide suits but also many suits that will be filed by those who see this as an opportunity to harvest cash.

Additional Information:

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W3C: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0