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The Chocolate Penguin

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What Will a Website Cost in 2023?

What can one expect to pay to build a website? One size does not fit all. Creative by Clark websites vary in cost based on type, size, and complexity.  And I only build bespoke websites using the WordPress CMS although I'm familiar with other platforms. Elegant...

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Happy 20th Anniversary WordPress

Happy 20th Anniversary WordPress!

Creative by Clark is delighted that WordPress is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Creative by Clark selected WordPress as its sole CMS for design and development over 14 years ago in 2009.  We began experimenting with the platform in 2005 following the initial...

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website accessibility imperative icon

WCAG2.1 AA Compliance Goals

Bake it in! In an age where more and more lawsuits are filed for ADA noncompliance, building with accessibility as a priority rather than a retrofit is, I believe, the way to proceed henceforth.  In constructing a new website in the Divi theme, I decided to bake in...

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Color Psychology Feature - abstract bright color swirls

Color Psychology

A word about color psychology Just like the shape of a logo, color needs to be simple and easy to recognize and memorize. Colors and color combinations used in logos should be unique so that the logo doesn’t blend into many other logos. Complicated color...

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A case for Divi by Elegant Themes

The Well-Made Case for Divi

I was an early adopter and have had an Elegant Themes account membership since May 2011. Nick Roach, the founder of Elegant Themes presented many attractive and creatively named themes available to download as a subscriber with no restrictions on the number of...

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Web Cache - what is it?

What is Caching?

Caching stores copies of files in a cache so that cached content can be accessed quickly.  Caching improves how a website loads, but caching can occur in numerous locations. Caching is technically complex and seen on both the website client- and server-side....

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Web Fonts are special typefaces

Web-safe Fonts vs Web Fonts

Regardless of the visual design layout, implementing typography presents a major decision point for every website.  As a WordPress designer and developer, I ask whether the organization has a Brand Standard and set requirements for using specific fonts.  We...

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Colors - Website Hex, RGB, CMYK, Pantone Deck

Color Codes – Hex, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Oh My!

HTML color codes are needed when implementing a website design, I create the layout structure and incorporate content in text and images. I must format typography and colors in WordPress theme settings and configure and code in CSS or within specific page builder...

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Licensed and official WordPress Logo

WordPress 6.0 – The Block Focus Continues

WordPress is more popular than ever! As of Jan 2022, WordPress powers nearly 40% of all websites on the internet — more than a 5% increase over a year ago.  WordPress 5.0 released in December 2018 and included the new and controversial Gutenberg Block Editor.  The...

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Photo of Johan Gutenberg

What is the Gutenberg Editor?

With the advent of WordPress 5.0, we see the arrival of a new text editor called Gutenberg.  Rather than reinvent the wheel on what this is, I share the following article below.  Gutenberg is the new default and is what is considered a block editor.  For those who...

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