Redesigned Blog Elevates Style and User Experience

Creative by Clark is pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned blog that elevates style and user experience { }.

The back history

A couple years ago I built a blog for a client who had made a decision to use the Faculty theme and lock in a specific visual design.  Now with a renewed interest in publishing more blogs and taking on a more polished, streamlined look – I was given a bit more freedom this time still with a request to change the structure and put all blogs on the front page vs an introductory landing page with overview information and widgets listing blog posts.

In addition to a cosmetic makeover and adding a masonry post grid to the home page, there was a lot of attention to responsive design.  While the Faculty theme was responsive, the sidebar navigation and animation of the drawer-style page delivery coolness factor wore off quickly.  As a designer/developer I can say that I was not a fan.

While there has been a lot of back-end effort, the new blog renders quickly and very responsively.  I was pretty stoked to see Mobile User Experience scored at 99/100!


[custom_frame_center]Before AV Blog[/custom_frame_center]


[custom_frame_center]After AV Blog Design[/custom_frame_center]


[custom_frame_center]Mobile 99/100 User Experience AV Blog[/custom_frame_center]

After Mobile User Experience 99/100

While the blog author must now commit to writing more blogs, we’re confident that with massively improved design, user experience and performance there will be a big jump in Google page rank and visibility soon.