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Many of the WordPress development work we perform is the stuff that lies under the hood.

Web Development Portfolio Examples:

On websites th I design, it also includes development.  I often collaborate with my partner, Sullivan Solutions, to build their client websites. Sullivan Solutions and other third-party agencies provide a static design as a two-dimensional layout or something like a Photoshop PSD file.  Sometimes I’m provided an interactive prototype built in Adobe XD. 

I receive a set of assets for their visual design along with brand standards to define colors, fonts, and other critical brand components. Projects completed for such partners are solely Web Development work where I implement both the front-end design and functionality to spec.  I often customize a back end – whether developing custom reporting, white-labeled or insulated admin dashboards, or special integrations that allow the site owner to manage site content from a secured front-end application. 

See Case Studies & Use Cases.  Use Cases describe those projects that are proprietary and anonymized, but the information within the case demonstrates Creative by Clark problem-solving and creatively strategic capabilities.

ASC Group Case Study (design by Sullivan Solutions)

ASC Group {Sullivan Solutions Design}

JOTV Case Study (design by Sullivan Solutions)

Jewels of the Vineyard {Sullivan Solutions Design}

Kinetic Insights - Sullivan Solutions Design - Debbie Clark WordPress Development

Kinetic Insights {Sullivan Solutions Design}

Sullivan Solutions Design - Debbie Clark WordPress Development

Sullivan Solutions, LLC {their design}

OsteoDX - Sullivan Solutions Design - Debbie Clark WordPress Development

OsteoDX {Sullivan Solutions – new site in process}

Sugardaddy's Case Study (design by Sullivan Solutions)

Sugardaddy’s [Sullivan Solutions Design – business closed]

WooCommerce with AgeGate and Sync to POS Use Case

AgeGate {Development Only}

WordPress Member Private Extranet

Private Extranet

Paid Subscription Learning Site Project Use Case - eLearning - Anonymized Sensei LMS Use Case

Sensei LMS