Web Design Portfolio

A web project sampler.

Websites we’ve built from scratch over the years and completed independently.

Web Design Portfolio Examples

I’ve started from scratch with a few client sites on web design projects that we can share.  Some of my sites are proprietary and visible only to members or employees in the case of extranets.  Many of the websites I build are done in collaboration with another designer who provides a two-dimensional layout and a set of assets; those end up as Web Development projects where we implement the front-end and often customize a back-end.  See Case Studies & Use Cases for Use Cases of some of these proprietary projects demonstrating problem-solving and creatively strategic capabilities.

Brass Band of Columbus

Brass Band of Columbus (BBC)

All-Star Brass Bands

All-Star Brass Band

Bigham Family Farm

Bigham Family Farm

Stasis Services

Stasis Services [closed]

HomePro Handyman

HomePro Handyman