Out with the old: my new website.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Creative by Clark is pleased to launch our new WordPress website. As our business focus continues to shift more and more to exclusive WordPress Design, Implementation and Development, this site is quite different from our previous Dreamweaver XHTML design.  And it is admittedly quite tardy in its launch due to investing the majority of available time on client projects.

I currently balance efforts between my Creative by Clark client projects and working with Sullivan Solutions, a full-service marketing agency, as their WordPress Implementor & Developer.   Sullivan Solutions provides the visual design concept, and I provide the enabling technology to fulfill their vision.  We collaborate very closely on the wireframe, site plan, and the best solutions to enable desired functionality.

Our History

When I founded Creative by Clark ten years ago, it was at a rather turbulent personal time; I had an ill family member with unpredictable daily needs.  Working from home answered a need to work and earn a living wage while enabling a flexible schedule.  My office is often portable.  I honestly thought that in time I would expand my business into an agency model to hire other professionals. Because I had expertise in a variety of disciplines, I offered agency-styled services as a sole proprietor.

My portfolio¹ has grown extensively over the past ten years, and my old website displayed the breadth of those capabilities that included other areas of expertise to include brand identity design, graphic design applied to stationery systems, Marcom, advertising, and some photography.

In time, I realized that I did not want the responsibilities of managing an agency.  Remaining a solopreneur has its advantages and offers considerable flexibility in scheduling projects while enabling reasonable bandwidth.  My overall values and philosophy are unchanged, and I will never accept a project that is beyond my skill set or available bandwidth.  In facing a challenge, I am quick to recommend collaboration with other professionals – such as Sullivan Solutions or even other developers who focus even more than me on complex programming.


¹ Eventually, I will add an archived project portfolio to this new website, as I do believe there is value in showing a body of work and demonstrating creative range.  I understand the design process, and that enables me to work well with other professionals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]