New IPCEA Site Launched

I am delighted to launch the IPCEA (International Primary Care Educational Alliance) project.  This has been a tremendously enjoyable project and ranks among my absolute favorites.

I was introduced to William Burke, DO, FACOFP, the Dean of the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUHCOM), Dublin Campus, by a close colleague, Tyler Provo. Dr. Burke is a Founding Director of IPCEA and wanted to provide the organization an opportunity to bring more visibility and participation to its mission.  The project was a true collaboration.  Before building the website, the organization founded in 2008 had only a single page describing some of its successes on a legacy partner’s website.

The purpose and goal of this alliance is to advance the recognition and development of primary care medicine as the foundation required to provide timely and appropriate access to quality, cost-effective, humanitarian health care for all people of the world.

The website’s visual design is drawn from the IPCEA color palette and its past endeavors in China.  It celebrates the beauty of its architecture, the “bridge” as a metaphor, and nature. The public portion of the site shares beautiful photos of past trips annotates maps for locations where IPCEA has established its training programs, explains the significance of The Bridge, generates overall brand visibility, and encourages volunteerism for future training sessions in China post-pandemic.  There is a secure member area for the authorized board and faculty members to access proprietary information.  I am grateful for the assistance of Tyler Provo for his invaluable contributions to the technical integrations and for helping to prepare proprietary content in the cloud for member access.  He deserves considerable credit for his project role and for introducing me to Dr. Burke.

While still an ongoing work in progress, this website has tested compliant with WCAG2.1 AA with the WebAIM WAVE tool.  There is room for additional improvement and live testing to validate thoroughly as ADA compliant.  However, we’re off to a good start.

Visit the new website:

Take some additional time to read the IPCEA Case Study.