Woo + AgeGate Sync to POS

Use Case Study:  Website Design & Development

WooCommerce with AgeGate and Sync to POS Use Case
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Use Case

Website Design & Development

Restaurant/Brewery Online WooCommerce Store

  • WooCommerce
  • AgeGate for 21+ Access Restrictions
  • Delivery & Carry Out Integration
  • Sync to Proprietary POS


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WooCommerce with AgeGate and Sync to POS Use Case

WooCommerce + AgeGate

This project was replicated for two local breweries during the height of the pandemic when only curbside pickup and deliveries were possible.

Since opening up for indoor dining, the sales component in Woo was disabled after each organization changed their POS system and provided a standalone integration on the website.

The AgeGate remains to satisfy rigid State of Ohio liquor laws prohibiting alcohol purchase below age 21.  Banks that provide payment gateway services often have very stringent requirements when the products sold in a business are considered “high risk,” including alcohol, CBD/Marijuana, or other adult-only products/services.

The AgeGate can be configured to match brand identity color palettes and verbiage. Regardless of where entry is secured to the website, a pop-up with an age barrier form presents.  There are options to require entering the actual birthdate vs. attesting that the individual meets the entry restrictions.

When the sites were selling beer online with WooCommerce shop enabled, the AgeGate presented when beer was added to the cart. Before enabling checkout, another age verification was again, and a terms page was provided to authorize further.  Purchasers were informed that they would have to be present for the delivery or pick-up with proof of age by the same individual making the online purchase.  Most of these steps were carefully implemented to protect the liquor license of the respective businesses.  Logs were kept of each transaction, and IPs were recorded for further insurance.