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Use Case Study:  Website Design & Development with WooCommerce and Sensei LMS

eLearning - Anonymized Sensei LMS Use Case
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Use Case

Website Design & Development:

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Proprietary, Member-only Paid Subscription Learning Site:

This project model could transfer to virtually any focus where an e-learning site is needed behind a paid member firewall.

The client has a standard WordPress website that is mostly static. Still, they promote the sale of several consulting services as “products” and include packages for the sale of training materials.  The site is proprietary, so I cannot share details, but I am in the process of replicating a demo site that will launch soon.

The site is built in a subdomain as a standalone WordPress site to make it more portable if traffic requires that they upgrade hosting to cover demand and a significant number of simultaneous online students.  WooCommerce is the store basis with WooCommerce Membership, Subscription, and Paid Courses with the Sensei LMS (Learning Management System).