Lisa Imondi

Case Study:  Rebrand | Website Design & Development

Lisa Imondi 2021 Website
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The Case

Redesign a large, multi-page WordPress website to a streamlined landing-page model

Rebrand & Reposition


The Lisa Imondi website is much smaller and concise with a focus on a new look that includes a new logotype, color palette, shift away from selling CDs and concert tickets, and re-positioning Lisa’s role as storyteller and artist advocate linking to a new project under development.

Lisa Imondi Website Case

Lisa Imondi has cast her brand as a singer – songwriter – storyteller and advocate for freedom of expression.

This latest site is the 5th iteration I have developed for Lisa Imondi.  Initial versions focused on selling her music and promoting her concerts.  In fact, Creative by Clark not only built all her websites but also designed her CD Cover Art, Concert Posters, Flyers, and Tickets, as well as her stationery.

While the existing site still promotes her music and lyrics, all sales are through external sites for digital downloads.

This new site focuses on Lisa’s talents for Storytelling and links to her new project that will center on her passion for advocacy.


Launched October 2021


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand Identity Rebrand & Repositioning
  • Customized Front-end Post Entry
  • Documentation System


Before & After Rebrand

Lisa Imondi Before
Lisa Imondi 2021 Website

View some historical designs

Creative by Clark has worked with Lisa Imondi for many years, and over that time, we have created several website iterations, designed her previous logotype and brand standard, stationery sets, designed her CD covers and concert promotional materials.