Jewels of the Vineyard

Case Study:  WordPress & WooCommerce Development

Website Development - CbC for Sullivan Solutions
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The Case

Website Development

1) Design by Sullivan Solutions LLC
2) WordPress & WooCommerce

Jewels of the Vineyard is a long-time client of Sullivan Solutions, and over the years, we have worked to develop four design iterations.

Jewels of the Vineyard JOTV home page design by Sullivan Solutions & Cheryl Thompson, artisan

Over the years, we have worked in a WordPress developer role with this Sullivan Solutions long-time client.  The design is refreshed about every 3 years and is to keep up with modified business goals and create some brand excitement since the site involves a jewelry artisan.

This WordPress WooCommerce site has gone from very complex to a more streamlined approach with the last iteration.  The client used to have hundreds of bracelet designs available to purchase on the site for both retail and wholesale customers.  I had some interesting challenges with some custom plugin development that included creating a dashboard report to track jewelry pieces sent to wholesalers on consignment.  I created custom functions to create effective phone orders and display pricing – retail vs wholesale – by customer role.  That version of the site had far more complexities with inventory management.

This site was recently re-themed – moving from UDesign to Divi after the UDesign developer completely ruined the license.  It would have taken the same amount of time to rebuild the site in UDesign with a completely new release, and I didn’t like it after I tested it elsewhere.  I have made it my mission to convert all those websites (on a complimentary basis) to Divi.  The process has been very successful.

The site owner now sells all her wholesale through, but now also sells via Facebook and Etsy.  I’m in the process of integrating a process to integrate syncing her WordPress WooCommerce shop with her Etsy Shop so products will display on both sites without double entry.


Latest relaunch April 2022

Note: The owner decided to slowly begin her retirement and focus her retail operations solely on her Etsy website.  We deactivated her massive WooCommerce site in January 2024 and built a static website landing page to refer customers to her Etsy store.  This was a cost-effective solution, as well, since it presents her brand but eliminates the maintenance and hosting expense on a complex WordPress site.  I’ll miss this!


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