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IPCEA website
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Website Design & Development

1) Public Visibility
2) Member-only Restricted:

Role-based capabilities
Access proprietary content via cloud drive
Member management
Private event calendar
Private news
Front-end Content Management

The IPCEA website presented challenging use cases and problem-solving while making it one of our favorite projects of all time.

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IPCEA (International Primary Care Educational Alliance) purpose and goal are to advance global recognition of primary care medicine as the foundation of good health for all patients and to foster the development of the systems required across the planet to provide timely and appropriate access to quality, cost-effective, humanitarian health care for all peoples of the world.  Creative by Clark created a bespoke website to bring heightened visibility to the organization and its exceptional mission.  The website consists of an elegant public website that displays the organization’s history and its works in China.  Also included is a private and secure member website for approved healthcare “Faculty” who have access to proprietary materials from a connected cloud service and various mechanisms for group communication.


Launched November 2021


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Secure Member-only Section
  • Custom Cloud Content Integration
  • Sophisticated, Custom Processes
  • Documentation System


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History Timeline

The IPCEA website is divided into two segments:

  1. The public website that provides general information about the organization and promotes the brand.  Those with interest in volunteering or providing donation support can begin that process from these pages.
  2. The private member-only portion of the website is structured to connect authorized directors and faculty to proprietary cloud-based materials used in planning trips to China and consistent training processes while there.  

The Member Area

While not possible to share too many details for security and confidentiality purposes, we can say that we’ve created a truly custom site using a member management plugin, but incorporating some very unique features.  We provide access that is role-based to content.  Those who are board members or site administrators have full access to everything whilst those who are faculty members see only what is authorized.

Those who are very competent with WordPress and have an authorized access role are free to access the administrative back-end of the website.  However, Board of Director Members are busy physicians who do not have time to learn a complex application.  Therefore, we created easy-to-use and well-documented front-end tools and consistent processes to allow a Director to:

  • Add authorized faculty one-by-one or in a bulk fashion with a CSV file upload.
  • Access a cloud-based drive to manage documents for faculty members and also have proprietary content areas for Board use.
  • Add Events to a Member Calendar
  • Add Internal News Posts
  • Access detailed “How To” materials on each of the above that include step-by-step instructions with screen images.
Chinese Watercolor art for IPCEA

Since its creation, the focus of IPCEA programs has been in China, and the founding Board of Directors amassed significant photographs of their travels.  While the organization had an existing logo, there was no established brand standard.  Therefore, we picked the adjacent stylish image in a watercolor painting that worked thematically with the mission and then used the existing logo colors and a few others in the painting above as our design palette.  The image is used extensively as a background image in varying applications.

Maintaining consistent standards of good design increases brand recognition, engagement, and ultimately: equity.

Bridge Builder painting used by IPCEA

A secondary theme is woven within the site using the Bridge Builder painting(s) that represent a symbolic metaphor for the IPCEA mission. Each program China location is awarded one of these paintings as is explained on a page dedicated to the history and ongoing use of this organizational icon.  

IPCEA Bridge Builder
IPCEA Gallery

The Directors had considerable photos from their trips to China.  We suggested dividing the images to coordinate with the China Locations page. 

IPCEA Gallery

The Directors had considerable photos from their trips to China.  We suggested dividing the images to coordinate with the China Locations page. 

IPCEA Gallery

The Directors had considerable photos from their trips to China.  We suggested dividing the images to coordinate with the China Locations page. 

IPCEA Masonry Gallery Sections
Chinese Watercolor art for IPCEA