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Case Study:  Website Design & Development II

Fratello & Amico website
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The Case

Website Design & Development

Originally a website conversion of a stale HTML design to CSS positioned XHTML

Convert from XHTML to WordPress (replicate visual design or original site)

Rebuild & Refresh WordPress site with new theme and more contemporary design.



The Fratello & Amico website is a long-time client who came to me years ago to simply restore some HTML files from a disk to a host.  The client is rarely available as the business involves long on-site assignments.  For several years, we awaited receipt of images and refreshed content.  As I felt the HTML 4.0 version was begging for hacks, I converted the site to CSS-positioned XHTML (about the last time we built a project in Dreamweaver — as a certified developer).

The client has willingly engaged me for ongoing maintenance over the years and agreed that converting to WordPress with the UDesign premium theme was prudent to make our process consistent with our client base.  I converted the site replicating the look and feel of the existing static XHTML site with a promise that I would receive larger, new images in about six months.

As it turns out, the UDesign theme became problematic when the developers completely changed everything about the theme, including eradicating their previous support forums and changing the page builder system.  As I owned many licenses, my frustration was palpable. As Fratello & Amico have been great people to work with despite no new images, but they’ve been loyal, paid invoices early and frankly just like them, I decided that since I was converting other sites from UDesign to Divi, I would do the same for them.

The lack of large images is a problem.  How could I creatively use what I had in small thumbnails and supplement them with purchased royalty-free stock images and icons to make a cohesive, contemporary design.

Fratello & Amico in Laptop Frame

I rebuilt the Fratello & Amico website cleaning up the structure a bit.  Because their service-based images were so tiny (and they couldn’t find the time to get me originals yet), I resized them (enlarged) using graphic software, realizing images would become pixelated in the process.  But I created a design layout where those images would be used as a header background with a transparent colored overlay.   I just wanted the illusion of the former image and made foreground text the major focus, with icons providing visual cues.

I created icons for the numerous services and used the official brand colors to remain consistent.  I searched for Royalty Free Stock Images to enhance the written content and provide sophisticated polish.


Launched March 2022



  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Convert from UDesign to Divi theme
  • Creative use of tiny old images with custom icons and more purchased images