Brownie Bakery

Case Study:  WordPress & WooCommerce Development

Brownie Bakery - Sugardaddy's WordPress Development - Design by Sullivan Solutions
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The Case

WordPress & WooCommerce

Complex/Custom Development

Visual Design by Sullivan Solutions LLC

Brownie Bakery, aka Sugardaddy’s is now closed

The Brownie Bakery, formerly branded as “Sugardaddy’s” was an award-winning custom bakery famed as a select guest gift on the Ellen Show.

Sugardaddys website (now closed) design by Sullivan Solutions laptop frame transparent

The Sugardaddy’s website was a very unique WordPress Development project for Sullivan Solutions, LLC.  The visual design layout was their effort, and I was engaged to develop a very complex WooCommerce website with many custom functions on both the front- and back-end.

It is necessary to understand the use case involved in how the business worked before modeling the website store to fit their needs.

As a custom brownie bakery offering fixed selections of brownies and blondies, all were baked on-demand.  They maintained very little inventory except for what they provided in their brick & mortar storefronts.  Their business model involved baking brownies only Monday through Thursday mornings.  Deliveries were made locally, but most orders involved either two-day or overnight shipping. Based on when a customer decided they need to receive their shipment determined when their brownies would bake for shipping out the same day.

Brownies were unique.  They were cut into rounds from sheets and placed in special plastic containers with a sticker indicating the flavor.

The major challenge was the custom development of a bakery report that would print on baking days at 4:00 am with precise quantities needed to ship that day.  Again, when there is no inventory, this reverse process created needed inventory for order fulfilment.

The website also provided all kinds of unique options for packaging, picking flavors and quantities, gift wrapping, gift messages, and even requesting store pick-up.

Shipping was very complex and table-rate shipping was configured for cart-based pricing and then surcharges were added based upon the shipping speed and final US location.  The country was carved up into shipping regions where additional fees were added to more remote West Coast states, Hawaii and Alaska.

i also created a mechanism for phone orders from their wholesale clients.

For the brick & mortar locations, I created a synchronized POS system in WordPress.  The entire WordPress system was in what is called a MultiSite network.


Launched November 2021


  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress MultiSite Network
  • WooCommerce
  • Complex front-end options for flavor selections, packaging, gift wrap and gift cards
  • Custom Bakery Report
  • Advanced Shipping Processes
  • Advanced Payment Gateway
  • WordPress POS (Point of Sale) for Brick & Mortar
  • Documentation System