Brutalist Web Design A Hot Trend to Avoid

I know.  Less is more, right? But then there is this thing called Brutalist Web Design, a hot trend to avoid for sure!  As with the Brutalism movement in architecture, a stark and sparse utility is of paramount importance.  Or perhaps unimportance?

The following WPMUDev article arrived in my newsletter feed this morning, and I have to share it.  First of all, while I agree that there are some rare instances where more utilitarian sites might benefit from this approach, it is nothing I embrace or recommend as a new (dusted off) design trend norm.  Another perspective is listed below from Design Shack, ca May 2017.

What is the Creative by Clark design approach? Certainly not Brutalist Web Design.  We certainly take out cues from our clients and their existing brand identity.  We work within the confines of a brand strategy to build a website when we design it that is consistent with their standard and more contemporary trends that focus on usability (UX Design).

Source:  WPMUDev Blog
Brutalist Web Design: Where did it come from, and why is it back?

Additional Design Shack Article:

Brutalism:  A New Trend in Web Design